Embracing Change

r2g-p5-ai2-Spring-Winter-webEver had a difficult decision to make and, instead of trusting your instincts, you analyzed, contemplated, researched and pondered until you felt so paralyzed with uncertainty and doubt that you couldn’t take any action at all?

Instead of choosing to remain stuck and live as a victim of circumstance, consider embracing the power of loving yourself unconditionally. Identify your fears, respect them, demonstrate compassion for what you are feeling and express gratitude for the opportunity at hand.

When you fall in love with yourself, everything else falls into place, personally and professionally. Choosing love as your core energy automatically enhances every aspect of your life: your perceptions, opportunities, relationships and priorities. You get unstuck, reclaim your personal power and recapture your zest for living, moving yourself forward into a life you love. When love transforms your relationship with yourself, it transforms your personal life, your work and the world.

Making this set of simple personalized practices a way of life helps you stay centered in a life of generous, effortless, gracious flow filled with faith, hope, prosperity, peace and joy. And when you drift off center occasionally, as any of us can do when overwhelmed by stress and gripped by ancient self-destructive scripts, these tools are the key to recognizing it quickly and getting back on track easily.

  1. Pay Attention: If you don’t recognize you’re feeling stressed, you can’t change it. Practice mindfulness by noticing what you are thinking, feeling, saying, and doing and figuring out why.
  2. Breathe: Next time things start getting a little crazy, stop, take three deep breaths, become fully present, restore sanity, and realize you have options. Your brain needs oxygen to function effectively. Try setting a timer on your phone or computer to remind you periodically to stop, close your eyes for a minute, and just breathe.
  3. Be Here Now: Forget rehashing the past and agonizing over the future. This moment is your only real opportunity to make a difference. Just you, just here, just now, just be. Perpetual equanimity and fulfillment come from dancing in the moment.
  4. Opportunity Knocks: While life won’t always follow your plans and expectations, everything in life is an opportunity. An opportunity to understand yourself better, open your heart wider, and develop greater compassion for yourself and others. While the details of our lives differ, we all experience the same range of emotions, from fear, frustration, and loneliness to joy, contentment, and peace. With yourself firmly planted in the present moment, it is your ability to respond creatively and constructively that makes the difference.
  5. Get Curious: If everything is an opportunity, where might the opportunity be in this situation? The Universe is far more creative than we can imagine. Assume the best and look for the silver lining in even the darkest cloud.
  6. Talk to Yourself: It is the smartest crazy thing you’ll ever do. It improves your sense of perspective, creativity, and humor. You might discover that what you were dreading isn’t likely to happen or will be much easier than you feared. With a little imagination, it might even be a great opportunity. This tool is particularly effective for constructively engaging, understanding, and motivating your sage, guardian, and muse.
  7. Write It Down: Getting stressful thoughts out of your head and onto paper can also improve your sense of perspective. Often, just putting them in writing reduces them to a more manageable size.
  8. Move It: When in doubt, move about. A gentle walk around the room, the block, or the gym will begin releasing natural tranquilizers and restoring full breathing. It feeds your creativity so you will be able to come up with more resourceful options for handling your situation.
  9. Hydrate: Water fosters flow and sustains life. It composes up to 60 percent of the average human body and covers 70 percent of the earth’s surface. Drink. Shower. Bathe. Swim. Cry. Hydrate yourself in every way imaginable and watch yourself flow through the ups and downs of life with greater flexibility, creativity, and resilience.
  10. Trust Your Gut: You have inside you all the wisdom you seek. Instead of stressing yourself out by fighting your instincts or feeling compelled to justify your hunches with logic, try trusting your intuition instead.
  11. Behave As If: There are two aspects to this one: If you gave yourself the same care and attention you give your friends and loved ones, what support would you give yourself right now? And what would you dare to do if you believed you couldn’t fail?
  12. Take Baby Steps: Slow and steady produces meaningful, lasting results. Vast forced output is rarely sustained. Great strides of lasting value involve myriad baby steps over time. If the conceivers of the Taj Mahal had believed fast was the only way to get there, it would have crumbled in the first storm. Your dreams are the same. Don’t try to take them all on at once. Identify the next small step and take it. Then another and another and another. Before you know it, you will have built your dream, and it will last your whole life through.
  13. Celebrate: Every step forward is a cause for celebration. Every time you move closer to your dreams, pat yourself on the back with a party moment. Ta-da! A steady stream of self-affirmation will continue releasing additional positive fuel to keep you moving forward.
  14. Time for What Matters: Time is not a scarce resource. You have all the time you need for the things that matter. Your sole responsibility in each moment is to discern what matters most right now, to focus, and to follow through. Using the other tools will help clear the way to accessing your deepest wisdom and moving forward, in each moment, with confidence, peace, and joy.

What baby step will you take today to embrace change and turn unexplored possibilities into fulfilling realities? You’ve got nothing to lose, except the limits fear, stress and pain have been placing on your life. Time to reclaim your power and step into your greatness!

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Attitude is Everything

Have you ever known someone who seemed to be born with all the advantages—money, status, intelligence, opportunity—but floundered and ricocheted through life in a constant state of frustration, lack and misery?

Have you ever known someone who appeared to be born with a ton of limitations—poverty, abandonment, academic challenges, maybe even a few run-ins with the law—but transcended it all to live happily and gratefully, despite circumstances, becoming responsible, successful and widely respected?

What was the difference between the two? Why did the one for whom you’d think gratitude and success should have been easy, never thrive? And the other, who could have found plenty of reasons to wallow in self-pity and limitation, do just the opposite?


So what are the keys to fostering an optimistic attitude? It’s a construct I call “living in flow.” What is flow, and what does falling in love with yourself have to do with finding it? While you may study a more in-depth explanation in my book, Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life! (Hay House/Balboa Press 2013), here’s a quick summary.

When you fuel all aspects of yourself with love, respect, curiosity, compassion, and gratitude, you begin living in flow. Your life becomes a fluid Journey to Wholeness grounded in who you are being, not what you are doing. Every breath, thought, word, and act—your very presence—fosters a generous, effortless, gracious life of flow filled with faith, hope, prosperity, peace, and joy.

  • Faith: I am confident that love is the greatest power in the Universe.
  • Hope: Universal love is always unfolding the highest good for all, in all, through all.
  • Prosperity: My Universal Source is excellent, limitless, and reliable.
  • Peace: I relax into all that was, is, and will be.
  • Joy: Whatever my circumstances, I know who I am and Whose I am: a unique cocreative expression of the Divine.

When living in flow, work, rest, and play all feel the same. Organic. Effortless. Force is not needed to accomplish anything; in fact, its use would be detrimental because force disrespects your deepest wisdom and greatest gift: your intuition.

Rainer Maria Rilke said it this way, “May what I do flow from me like a river, no forcing and no holding back, the way it is with children.”

Your ability to experience flow in any moment, filling your life with faith, hope, prosperity, peace, and joy, is directly proportional to your ability to fuel yourself in that moment with love, respect, curiosity, compassion, and gratitude. That fuel allows you to realign your awareness with what I call the God’s-eye view, enhancing your perception and expanding your perspective until you know that, whatever may be happening at that moment, we are one and Universal love is always unfolding the highest good for all, in all, through all.

These terms are not just five woo-woo, New Age words I pulled out of thin air because they sounded Zen and cool. They were revealed to me individually, real-time as I lived through the phases of my own dramatic and highly personal healing and transformation in the wake of burnout.

  • Love: I nurture, encourage and delight myself in healthy ways.
  • Respect: I honor my choices; I do the best I can with the love and light I have at the time.
  • Curiosity: Instead of judging, I wonder why.
  • Compassion: I acknowledge and value my feelings.
  • Gratitude: I appreciate my life; everything is an opportunity.

The formula for making these principles a way of life is simple to explain. In every situation, love yourself enough to pay attention to every aspect of your life. Respect everything you are experiencing—what you are thinking, feeling, deciding, saying, and doing. Determine whether the energy underneath is love or fear. If it’s love, you are probably on your authentic path. If it’s fear, demonstrate compassion for yourself. Foster gratitude by reminding yourself that everything is an opportunity. Then further neutralize the fear by bringing curiosity to bear. Explore every aspect of the situation, especially your internal landscape, and identify all of the opportunities available to you through this unique experience. As with any new skill, practice will help this way of being become a healthy new habit—your automatic response to every situation.

In summary, figure out what you want, understand whether it’s fueled by fear, transform any fear into love, set your intention, and then get ready to receive it, because it will happen.

Becoming conscious and claiming your personal power to neutralize the self-sabotaging, judgmental voice in your head will yield immeasurable benefits. You will literally be able to redefine your world, because there is no absolute reality, only the story you tell yourself about what is happening and what it means.

Every being, encounter, and experience that comes my way is filtered through a conglomeration of lenses that results in my unique perceptions. These lenses cause me to see my world in a certain way. They are influenced by my unique and complex mix of myriad factors: the family, cultural, and societal norms I was taught; my physical and mental abilities; my personality and natural talents; my birth order; the patterns I deduced from all my past experiences; and the assumptions I’ve presumed concerning what’s likely and possible in the future.

I create my reality in each moment by choosing what I will think, believe, feel, and do based on what my lenses allow. I can choose to look through the lens of fear and remain weighed down and self-imprisoned, or I can choose the lens of love and embrace a life of freedom and flow. No outside event or situation, no other person can dictate my attitude.

Once you get the knack, you’re going to love the feeling of trading judging for curiosity. It’s not a forced march, a different set of rules you must follow to be a “better” person. It’s a gift of grace accepted freely and with gratitude, an honor and a privilege filled with joy and wonder. By discovering possibilities you never imagined, you open the door wide and go bounding through to endless opportunities.

However unconscious the process may feel at the time, you are manifesting the world you choose to see and the life you choose to live. What perspective and attitude will you choose today? The only person controlling your life is you. Choose your energy and change your life!

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The Science of Hugs: Nature’s Tranquility Booster

r2g-p5-ai9-Hug-webScientists, doctors and moms tell us that we should receive at least three hugs a day. While we may know that the perfect hug, delivered at the optimal time by the right person (or anytime by anyone, if you’re a “hugger” by nature), can feel good, there’s considerable science behind the deeper benefits that has everything to do with the electro-chemical marvel of being in human form.

Hugs release an important hormone called Oxytocin. Among other benefits, Oxytocin relieves anxiety, lowers blood pressure and helps us feel calm,  centered and better connected to the world around us.

Hugs, and the Oxytocin they release, are so important that without them, our brains and bodies fail to develop properly and we become ill and malnourished.  Studies have shown that babies who don’t receive sufficient compassionate touch are 78% less likely to survive infancy.

One of the great things about hugs is that when you give one you also get one. A completely free, big-time win-win in which everyone involved truly benefits!

Because people and cultures vary in their individual boundaries concerning physical contact, it’s always good to ask permission before giving a hug. Even someone you are close to and have hugged many times, may find themselves in a place where a hug just doesn’t feel comfortable.

Once you have the all clear, HUG AWAY! It’s easy to do and fun to practice. With just a little effort, you can be a super hugger, appreciated by those whose lives you touch with hope, possibilities and empowerment as you foster the flow of Nature’s tranquility booster—Oxytocin—in the world around you!

If you find yourself in need of a hug, ask for one! It’s a great example of caring enough about yourself to pay attention to what you are feeling and then taking action to support your optimal functioning in each moment.

Like many of the best things in life, to reap the full benefits, you need to actually do it, not just read about it. So, quit reading this blog, walk away from the computer screen and GO HUG SOMEONE!

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BOO! Time to Step Into Your Greatness!

The Benefits of BOO!Facing your fears can be beneficial! During my recovery from burnout, I discovered that recognizing, respecting, exploring, embracing and feeling my fears was an essential step in helping me restore wholeness by becoming better at loving myself unconditionally.

My first big realization on the road to recovery was that my utter and complete burnout was clear evidence that I had not been loving myself. I was not nurturing, encouraging, or delighting myself in healthy ways physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. I was disrespecting my body, mind, feelings, and values. Working myself nearly to death with no regard for illness or despair. If I had treated another being that way, human or feline, I would have been jailed long ago.

When I became serious about uncovering the roots of my imbalance and trying to set it right, I concluded that there are two fundamental types of core energy: love and fear. When I examined the primary energy underneath any thought, feeling, word, or deed, I found love, fear, or some combination of the two.

Love is constructive and moves you forward. Fear is destructive and holds you back. Love is the author of truth and reality. Fear is the author of lies and illusion. At first, I didn’t always recognize them as love or fear because they didn’t always show up in my life with those specific labels. I found the terms to be nebulous, tricky, and easy to misunderstand. With awareness, persistence, and unflinching honesty, over time I was able to recognize love and fear masquerading under lots of other masks.

In trying to get a more concrete grasp on what healthy self-love might look like, I realized I understood its opposite, fear, much better because I had fueled myself with it for so long. With mindfulness and curiosity, I recognized that the many faces of fear could be synthesized into a four-part pattern that captured the most common guises in which fear showed up in my relationship with myself—contempt, judging, shame, and lack. I then employed one of my favorite writing technologies, the Microsoft Word thesaurus function, to find their opposites—respect, curiosity, compassion, and gratitude. The chart below is my summary of the many faces of love and fear.

The Many Faces of Love and FearWith the help of the insight and clarity provided by those particular attributes of love, the light dawned, and I began to make real progress. Focusing on these four constructs helped me more easily answer the eternal question in every situation: “Is this what unconditional self-love looks like, and if not, what would bring me closer to that intention?”

While taking good care of myself physically produced many healthy changes, when I shifted from taking good care of myself to falling in love with myself, everything else in my life finally fell into place. I lost weight physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I got off the hamster wheel, found my calling, and created a joyous, fulfilling life. Falling in love with myself was just like falling in love with someone else. I paid attention and treated myself as if I mattered, as if I were my own beloved child.

One of the most powerful changes was being relentless about noticing and transforming any negative head talk into more loving, supportive messages. In chapter 6 of my book, Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life!, concerning your personal board of directors, I dive deeply into the roots, role, and transformation of this type of self-sabotaging gremlin head chatter. For now, just know that fear is incredibly toxic; it doesn’t take much to poison the well of your life. Little things like the verbs I use—have to, should, need to, can’t, and the like—are indicators that fear is fueling my thoughts and beliefs about a given situation or relationship. Nothing is too small to matter; every little bit of fear you transform into love gives you a substantial energetic boost. It doesn’t take much fear to bring you down. Letting go of even a little will raise you up.

Almost every day, we encounter something that scares us—something that makes our heart race and our palms sweat. This is especially true when we are committed to learning and growth. Being “courageous” isn’t about never being afraid. It’s about being bold enough to face what scares you, and keep going.

How often do we stop when we come up against something that pushes us out of our comfort zone? While that reaction is common, it’s one that we benefit from overcoming, if we want to grow continually and be fully alive.

While it’s easy to stick with what feels familiar and comfortable, we only grow when we stretch. The more we cultivate the habit of embracing our fears, the more they lose their power and the stronger we become. Remember, it’s not about “never being afraid.” It’s about not letting your fears hold you back.

As a board-certified professional life coach, I know from experience the benefits of focusing on the negative. No, that’s not a typo. I did mean focusing on the negative. Rushing a client to reframe a painful thought or feeling in a more positive light, before allowing them to feel and release their pain fully (yes, whatever your gender, there is crying in coaching), robs them of truly robust and lasting benefits of any constructive perspective shift they may attempt. To really overcome our fears, we must first recognize, respect, explore, embrace and feel them. When we do so, the constructive affirmations and more positive outlook we then employ will offer sustained benefits as opposed to merely “putting lipstick on a pig.” This was one of the most beneficial reminders I gained from tapping—slowing down any eagerness to shift too quickly to the positive, so that I allowed time to truly experience and release the negative (rather than glossing over it with denial and empty platitudes).

So often we try to think non-stop positive thoughts without first fully accepting our negative emotions or limiting beliefs. By doing this, we increase our internal conflict and exhaust ourselves. With tapping, you first admit the destructive thoughts that have been weighing you down so that you can release them to make room for more constructive affirmations to take root. Concerning this aspect of tapping, Louise Hay observes, “If you wish to clean a house, you must start by seeing the dirt.” Adding fresh flowers and pretty pictures has greater impact when you first eliminate the mess and grime. This way of invoking the law of attraction and positive focus is much more effective than simply living in a fantasy of denial.

Freak yourself out by exploring your greatest fears with love, respect, curiosity, compassion and gratitude! Tackle one today, another tomorrow and another the day after that. Before long, you’ll notice that fewer things scare you and more things excite you!

Free your self-imprisoned splendor. Let your heart soar and your spirit shine. BOO! Time to step into your greatness!

PS: Yesterday I practiced what I teach by conquering another of my own fears. Having moved recently from Colorado to Virginia, my husband and I managed to register both of our cars and get drivers licenses with the help of awesome Newport News, Virginia DMV clerk Michelle Jefferson. We are so grateful for Michelle’s skill and patience. During the hour we spent together we did a lot more laughing than you’d expect at the DMV. Demonstrating once again that everything really is an opportunity to open your heart even wider to find greater love and joy. Bless you Michelle! 

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Anger is Not a Four-Letter Word

Anger is Not a Four-Letter WordHaving posted recently on the power of kindness, today’s post is rather ironic. Because it’s about dealing with anger and frustration. And it’s long overdue.

Last April, my husband and I contracted to build a home in Virginia. Having been promised the house would be completed by the end of August, we sold our Colorado home quickly and relocated to Virginia at the end of August via a 25-hour road trip with our three cats, SiddhaLee, Mortimer and Maisy Jane. We secured temporary housing for what we thought would be just two weeks at a Staybridge Suites located 30 minutes from our new home. 

For nearly two months, we continued residing at Staybridge with Sid, Mort and Maisy waiting for the builder to complete our home. The delays dragged on, including switching us to a different model on a different lot just days after we arrived here and nearly four months into the project because they couldn’t deliver the original house in the time and manner promised.

What a perfect time to practice what I teach by choosing to go with the flow and trust that everything is an opportunity and the highest good is always unfolding rather than choosing to feel stressed and making myself and everyone around me miserable. Yes, “feeling” stressed is always a choice, never a necessity. But if I am feeling stressed, the answer is not to ignore it. Because that which is denied will wreak havoc eventually in untold ways.

While I’ve been going with the flow generally, with the help of regular treadmill workouts and nightly knitting, I’ve also been less regular with my proven de-stressors of frequent meditation and tapping. I’ve been mindful of the fact that my spotty practices have not been supporting optimal flow, but so far haven’t done much to enhance my approach other than to notice it with curiosity, respect and compassion—an important predecessor to changing destructive habits into more constructive ones. 

Most curiously self-sabotaging of all, for months now, I’ve been resorting to my old favorite dysfunctional stress coping mechanism: eating too much in an effort to smother my anxiety and distract myself from my growing anger. Didn’t I write a book about how that doesn’t work? Didn’t I specifically devote an entire chapter to the benefits of Sensory Balance and how gorging one sense (taste, in this case) can never fill the voids created by starving others (for example, creativity, vitality, spirituality and belonging)? Don’t I coach clients on how gorging our sense of taste while starving our other senses is the least effective, least loving approach because, when we most need to be at our peak to handle all that we are juggling, we compromise our functioning by weighing ourselves down with gluttony and less than optimal nutrition, adding the potential of weight gain self-loathing (not to mention the real health risks of obesity) to our already overloaded, overwhelming lives?

Despite knowing better, I somehow kept behaving as if overeating was actually going to cure the stress of moving cross-country and building a home. The result? This theory proved to be a lie like all of the other self-sabotaging, self-destructive theories fear generates. The good news? I’ve proven yet again that I knew what I was talking about when I wrote my book. Overeating doesn’t help. Nor does eating food loaded with saturated fat, refined sugar and salt. Congratulations, Deborah! Backed by the further evidence you’ve so generously provided, your book sales should sky-rocket once again (LOL). 

So, after six months of putting on a happy, evolved face by suppressing my stress with iron will and overeating, is anyone surprised that last week, I finally had a grand mal meltdown? It wasn’t the builder’s miscommunication, misinformation or mismanagement that finally did me in. It wasn’t even the ever escalating expense and uncertainty of the ongoing delays. Or that most of our personal belongings are stashed in a moving truck in Wichita, Kansas and we are living with the bare minimum we thought we’d need for the expected two weeks in temporary housing.

No, what finally did me in was the weapon I too often choose to defeat myself with. When someone I trusted attacked me and treated me unfairly and unkindly, I felt ashamed and went to pieces. I forgot that 95% of how others treat me is all about them and their fears and has little or nothing to do with me. I forgot that we are all doing the best we can with the love and light we give ourselves access to at the time. And that when I invest my energy in casting judgment on how poorly you or I are doing, I disrespect the organic unfolding of our unique personal journeys and further frustrate everyone involved. I forgot that a really strong reaction usually means I have similar unresolved hurts from my past that I’ve consolidated onto the present situation, making it feel far worse than it actually is on its own. Most important of all, I forgot that, whatever my circumstances, the key to experiencing equanimity is fueling myself in each moment with unconditional love, respect, curiosity, compassion and gratitude for myself and every being, encounter and experience.

During the conversation, I was so shocked that I didn’t show up as my most aware, wise and articulate self. As we so often do in such situations, fueled with too many months of too much work and food and too little rest and fun, I just slunk away with my tail between my legs to find escape in graham crackers and peanuts.

Adding insult to injury, the person called me again the next morning and gave me a refresher smackdown. Though I ended that call as quickly as possible, still not lashing out in return, the second smackdown was a real blessing because it helped me start to shift from my initial powerless victimhood response of “poor me” to a more empowered angry “how dare she treat me this way.” That anger provided momentum for me to start moving forward to healing and empowerment. Continued victimhood would have only resulted in further disempowering shame and self-loathing until I’d planted myself yet again in the quagmire of depression and despair. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. No point in going there again.

For the next few hours, I embraced all of my emotions and let myself feel and express them fully in the privacy of my suite. I drafted a brilliant, scathing and cutting email to her enumerating her incompetence, ignorance and crimes against humanity (me). I refined my draft every time I thought of another snide though accurate shot I could deliver. Over the next hour or two, I just kept refining that email and saving it as a draft with no address in the “to” field so I wouldn’t send it accidentally—an anger management best practice.

I let myself feel and express all of it in the sanctity of my room through my anonymous email draft and periodic rants until I had nothing more to say. Drained and exhausted, I remembered that, while fully accepting and expressing anger is essential to optimal health, holding onto it longer term will only poison my system. I remembered that forgiveness is a gift I give myself. Anchoring that insight in my consciousness, I embraced and celebrated our shared humanity recognizing that, sometimes when people are stressed they lash out unfairly and unkindly. And sometimes when they do so, and I am also stressed, I just might forget all of the love-fueled truths I hold dear and choose to freak out as a way to remind myself of the debilitating power of fear.

Congratulations, I’m still human so I’m not done yet! I can still offer you great examples of how you too can choose your energy in each moment by sharing where I stray from the path and how I recognize it and get myself back on track. It’s pretty simple to explain, it’s all about choosing unconditional self-love, respect, curiosity, compassion and gratitude in each moment rather than any form of fear (which includes anger).

Having shared my story with you, I feel even better. Through it I’ve once again expressed my mission of sharing my experiences to help others find lives of hope, possibilities and empowerment. Time to get a shower, get dressed and embrace all of the other opportunities life is offering me today.

Whatever my circumstances, I know who I am and Whose I am. I am a unique cocreative expression of the Divine. And so are you. How could that ever not be enough?

PS: We are actually closing on our house today!

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Oprah and Deepak FREE “Energy of Attraction” Online Meditation Program Launching 11/3/14

Register for Energy of Attraction 21-Day FREE MeditationA well-known Teacher once said, “I have so much to do today—if I hope to accomplish everything on my list, I must meditate twice as long.”

Most of us are more likely to say, “I have so much to do today, there’s no way I have time for meditation or anything else!” I used to say that myself until I figured out that I have all the time I need for the things that matter most. My role is simply to discern exactly what matters most in each moment.

The funny thing is that people from spiritual traditions throughout the world have long reported that regular meditation actually results in greater efficiency, productivity and abundance. They discover the power of flow: a generous, effortless, gracious way of living grounded in who you are being not what you are doing.

For those who might want to give it a try—and for those who are already committed to meditation—I wanted to share a great opportunity with you. Four times a year, through the Chopra Meditation Center, Oprah and Deepak offer a NEW completely FREE series of 21 online guided meditations. I love the programs in this series and use them myself. Their newest program, Energy of Attraction, will launch on November 3, 2014.

This program is a simple daily web-accessible recording with each meditation lasting about 15 minutes.

Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or you’ve heard that it might reduce your stress, improve your creativity and increase your sense of well-being, this program has a great deal to offer. For those new to meditation, it eliminates the perceived barrier of “too much silence” by easing you into a healthy new habit through a theme that ties the 21 sessions together with lots of speaking and guidance, very little pure silence.

And, for the seasoned meditator, it’s a great way to expand your options and approach. All meditation paths have merit because at their core they are all about the myriad ways we can hold ourselves in mindfulness. Doing the dishes, walking the dog, feeding the cat—all become meditative when entered into with focus and awareness. We are human beings, not human doings. Just me, just here, just now, just be.

Here’s what The Chopra Center has to say about these programs:

“Studies have shown that it takes 21 days of consistent behavior to change a habit or create a new one, such as establishing a regular exercise routine, eating a healthier diet, or taking time each day for self-care. In just 21 days, you can also establish a fulfilling meditation practice that will give you a lifetime of rewards. You may have dipped your toe in the water with limited success, but this time, you will have daily support and guidance that will enable you to move beyond any past obstacles and experience the many gifts and benefits of meditation.”

Tap into your true power to co-create your best and most meaningful life through the power of meditation in this FREE 3-week online interactive experience with Oprah and Deepak as your guides. You’ll receive a daily email with a link to access the day’s meditation. Track your progress in a private notes section. It’s open to everyone—worldwide!  You can even purchase the program to enjoy over and over at your convenience to continue supporting this healthy habit in your life. I own the recordings of all of the past 21-day meditation programs and cycle back through them regularly to support my centering practice. They provide great value at a reasonable price.

Turn unexplored possibilities into fulfilling realities and step into your greatness!

Register Here

Please share this email with a friend. And let me know if you find value in this series. Your feedback will guide me with other suggestions about resources.

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Every Kindness Counts

Every Kindness CountsHave you ever thought about doing something kind for someone, then filed that thought away for later, only to forget about it completely?

Have you ever thought about doing something kind and did it right away? What was the result? Chances are, you made that person’s day and your day as well.

You can never know the full effects of your acts of kindness and generosity and how their ripples will continue to constructively impact the world long after you are gone. When you plant seeds of love, respect, curiosity, compassion and gratitude, everyone enjoys the fruits and grains of your kindness and generosity for years to come—including YOU.

Everything you do makes a difference. The gifts that you have to offer the world are priceless. Don’t lock your gifts away in the cold vaults of “someday.” Share them early and often, allowing the world (and your life) to benefit from your unique, irreplaceable contribution. You are a precious natural resource never to be squandered or taken for granted. Release your limiting beliefs, reclaim your power, pay attention and step into your greatness.

How will you choose to touch lives with hope, possibilities and empowerment today just by letting your light shine fully? 

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© Copyright 2014 DJW Life Coach LLC. All rights reserved.
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